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From Resilence to Complacence 

I can still call to mind the corny resilience classes we were forced to attend by overzealous, and likely overcaffeinated senior officers in the Army. 

Death by Powerpoint, they called it, and what a slow and excruciating death it was. Yet, jokes aside, the Army taught us something few Americans ever learn. They taught us how to be resilient. 

Sadly, it’s true what grandpa boldly stated for the past 50 years. “If America keeps on this path, our kids are going to end up a bunch of weak and spoiled brats dependent on the government.” 

Of course, my grandpa didn’t state these words exactly, but maybe something like it. And, I’m sure you know an older person who has warned about the repercussions of laziness with the expectation of luxury. 

In fact John Adams warned us over 200 years ago, “Beware of Idleness, Luxury, and all Vanity, Folly, and Vice.” 

Queue America years later and we have people suing MCDS over hot coffee, viral videos of every idiocracy imaginable, and a sheep-like population growing increasingly more dependent on the government. 

Millions are people live their lives just waiting for that government check to come in. And, not only that, the masses mindlessly absorb the inflated statistics and data from government cronies and contaminated news reporting. 

America has evolved into a nation addicted to drama, trading in our temperance for excess, whether it be lavishness or poverty. 

This shift away from the moderation instilled in the people by founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson has resulted in a spiritual shift in which our nation stands divided and imbalanced.

This imbalance has already manifested in our governmental leaders from former President Trump to President Biden.

It manifests in our economics in which many look forward to “free” money but then have the IRS threaten to dive deep into their bank accounts in order to recover the “free” funds. 

It manifests in our nation’s health, with America leading the way in chronic diseases, many diseases of excess, like diabetes and hypertension.

Diseases of the autonomic body system are on the rise, with many Americans physically and mentally unable to relax, resulting in compromised immunity, making Americans more likely to suffer complications from all forms of disease. 

Why can’t we see? American is sick, and it is much more serious than COVID. It is a spiritual plague that has rested upon our nation, and it is draining America of her vitality and distorting one nation under God to one nation under Bel. 

A nation asleep will become a nation enslaved. Wake up America. 


“Beware of Idleness, Luxury, and all Vanity, Folly and Vice.” 

John Adams (1771)

Below are some books I enjoyed regarding this topic.

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