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Are You Called to Stay? Glorifying God in Everyday Life

Jesus did not let him, but said, “Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.”

Mark 5:19 (NIV)

The story of the demon possessed man in Mark, Chapter 5, has greater depth than the simple fact that Jesus delivered the poor man of a legion of demons.

We only need to read between the lines, just a little.

Before reading further, read Mark Chapter 5 verses 1-2 and see what Truth you can perceive right there in between the lines.

Observe how you might relate to this man with regard to your life before Christ.

The Summary

The demoniac portrayed in Mark 5 lived in hell on earth. Alas, everyone had abandoned him with exception to the demons that overflowed within his body.

He pummeled any person brave enough to mine near him, apart from our Lord, whom he kneeled before in submission.

Over his lifetime, this suffering soul had accrued a legion of demons by which he was utterly afflicted.

Indeed, he was so filled with iniquity that he forfeited control of his own body.

Jesus miraculously and authoritatively cast out a legion of demons from the tormented fellow.

Yet, the part of this story that takes me by such great surprise is that upon seeing the man dispelled of his delirium, the residents were AFRAID and asked Jesus to leave their region.

The restored man was so overcome with gratitude and faith in Jesus that he begged him to allow him to depart with him.

Yet, Jesus told him to stay, to go home and to tell of all the Lord had done for him.

Reading Between the Lines: Are You Called to Stay?

When we come to know Christ personally, as the demon possessed man did, we want nothing more than to drop everything and follow Him.

We envision mission trips, travel, and miraculous healings.

I am not to say that those things are not in your future or mine, but sometimes, as in the case of the delivered demoniac, Jesus tells us to STAY.

Stay where you are and be a testimony to the power of God.

Stay where you are so that the people who know you best might see the supernatural change in you.

Stay where you are, so that the people of your hometown may marvel at the great work God has done in you and continues display.

Remember, you are no less of a servant because you are called to stay.

Be patient, soon enough, people will begin to notice a great change in you.

They will mentally compare your old self with your new, and in that comparison, they will see the glory of God manifested in you.

Much love, many blessings, Jesus is Lord.

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