Starting a Garden

If you’re thinking about starting a garden, the most important thing is not to get overwhelmed by the idea. As soon as you start talking about a new … Starting a Garden

3 Ways to get your life back by treating ADHD Naturally

I developed ADHD after a traumatic brain injury in 2014. I found myself too sick to work and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. So, my only option was to trust God and learn all I could about how to heal without drugs! Learn more here.

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine with Lemongrass

The fresh, clean, aromatic properties of lemongrass make it an excellent herb to upgrade your beauty routine. Clean your skin, reduce dark spots, and moisturize all at the same time with these 3 lemongrass beauty DIYs.

Sweet Potato Coconut Curry with Lemongrass

A quick & easy yet scrumptious & satisfying vegan curry. Made with hearty chickpeas and rich coconut milk. A bit of lemongrass adds touch of brightness. Printable recipe card included.

Forget What Other People Say, Who Does G-D Say You Are?

Not long ago, the Holy Spirit answered a question that had weighed down my heart for some time. The age old question was, “why is the world and the people in it so unstable?” Indeed, I recall writing a a song when I was a girl called “Unpredictable,” in which my pimply pre-teen self asserted […]

One Nation Under Bel, the Great Nation Deceived

Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” And they were amazed at him. Mark 12:17 (NIV) Pay your taxes. Because if you do not, the government will come back with a vengeance to collect the money owed. And, indeed, they have every right to […]

Caesar is Coming to America: Trading Self-Sufficiency for Self Indulgence

Two hundred years ago, only four percent of Americans lived in cities. The vast majority of citizens of the American populous were farmers, ranchers, and fisherman. Now, it is estimated that eighty three percent of Americans live in urban areas, which means that eighty three percent of Americans are dependent on other people (mainly commercial […]

Judgement and Projection, the Biblical & Psychological Link

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2 (NIV) Projection a concept of psychology; it is the act of attributing one’s own undesirable attributes onto another person. Its […]