Antique Silver Military Button Keychain -Posh, Original Gift for Soldier-Veteran


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A great accessory for your purse or keys with a length of 3 1/4″ and a circle clip to hang on. An authentic eagle and stars military button makes this a great gift for a soldier, veteran, or soldier spouse. Handmade item Length: 3 1/4 in. Materials: Antique bronze button with gold plated findings 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍 🗝️🤍


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