The Urbanization of the United States will Lead to the Multiplication of Wickedness

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”

1 Corinthians 13:4

Everyone seems to always be in such a hurry these days, making a mad dash from here to there.

I enjoy living in the South, because, the people here move a bit slower than in other places in the United States.

I attribute this to the people’s love of God and their strong ties to agriculture.

But, even the South is not sheltered from the storm coming upon the United States, a massive gathering of the multitudes __ in which our government will pack people into cities, luring them there with empty promises.

Indeed, it is estimated that by 2050, 87 percent of US citizens will live in cities.

As a rural resident taking a trip to the big city, you may have noticed city folks tend to be in a hurry more often than not.

Rest assured, this phenomenon is not a product your imagination.

The pace is in the city is particularly rushed, where the people tell time with regards to shifting stock markets and speeding subway trains.

Whilst, in the rural countryside, farmers carefully cultivate crops, even now, often traveling humbly on horseback from one place to another.

For the farmer, time depends on the cycles of nature and there is no amount of caffeine or Redbull that could move Mother Nature along.

Indeed, She follows the pace set by the Creator.

For clarification and scientific evidence regarding this strange happening of exponential acceleration in urban populaces, read “Scale” by Geoffrey West.

What is to Come?

I fear that the exponential rate of urbanization in the United States is separating the people from their roots in nature and encouraging haste while punishing patience.

We do not need more infrastructure and growth, we need to return to nature and humble ourselves before God so that we might clearly see the direction this nation is headed.

Our country has become enslaved to her fleshy desires, and the devil justifies it all in the name of productivity.

If this hurried lifestyle continues, we will see (as we have begun to see) people behaving more like animals than human beings.

Do not let your love for God and others grow cold, take time to love yourself and to love others.

I pray this message has touched your heart.

Much Love, Many Blessings, Jesus is Lord,

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